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What is the minimum quantity for a mailing?
The minimum quantity we at Postcom prefer to mail is 4,000 items per campaign.

If you have unsorted or international items, as part of your campaign, we can also manage these for you.mail

I cannot reclaim VAT – can I still use the Postcom service?
Yes! We can work with customers who cannot reclaim VAT – such as financial services and not-for-profit organisations by utilising an Agency Agreement. This is a contractual arrangement through which a third party – a licensed operator or an intermediary – can act as a sending customer’s formal agent for DSA postal items. As a result of the Agency Contract option being available, the agent can now charge for the postage element of a mailing exclusive of VAT, charging VAT only on the carriage element.

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What is Advertising Mail?
A posting made up of advertising items is a communication which: comprises largely uniform messages to all addressees, with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage contribution to, or support of, a cause; and is eligible for the Mailing Standards Levy. For the avoidance of doubt: a customer magazine (not a membership magazine) will be an advertising item provided that firstly it meets the requirements of advertising items as set out above, secondly it is not paid for by the addressee and finally it forms part of your marketing and communications mix; and an invoice, bill, a financial statement, or a communication combining advertising items with other items in the same wrapping is not an advertising item (except where it is a customer magazine as described above).

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What is Sustainable / Responsible Mail?
Sustainable Mail is Royal Mail’s product that provides an additional discount for environmentally friendly mailings. Responsible Mail is the wholesale market equivalent. Discounts are only available for advertising mail products (see description above) – both products can be used for maximum discounts.

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What is the Mailing Standards (ASBOF) levy?
The mailing standards levy set by the Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBOF), is charged and collected by postal operators on every item of Advertising Mail – it is to help finance the self-regulatory system administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The levy equates to 0.2% of the price charged for each direct mailing item and is payable by you in addition to the prices quoted in our rate cards.

The levy is voluntary - for a refund you can make a quarterly or annual claim to ASBOF at the address below providing evidence of the Mailing Standards Levy paid:
The Treasurer, ASBOF

7th Floor North

Artillery House

11-19 Artillery Row



What is Mailmark?
MailmarkTM barcode technology offers web-based reporting from an online analytics dashboard – showing detailed batch level reporting on predicted delivery, volume and performance as well as item level error reporting.

It has been designed for high volume, high quality machine readable mail. It is most suitable for organisations producing millions of letters (or large letters) each year.

It is available to Retail and Wholesale customers.

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What is the specification for a letter?
Length:  240mm (max)
Width:  165mm (max)
Thickness:  5mm (max)
Weight:  100g (max)

What is the specification for a large letter?
Length:  353mm (max)
Width:  20mm (max)
Thickness:  25mm (max)
Weight:  750g (max)

What is the specification for a packet?
Length:  over 353mm OR
Width:  over 250 mm OR
Thickness:  over 25mm OR
Weight:  over 750g

Where can I find more information about Customer BarCode (CBC) and Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) requirements?

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